The Victorian Government has committed to building 100 new schools, but hasn’t yet decided where many of these schools will go.

Wyndham is growing even faster than expected and we urgently need more schools.

We are not asking for special treatment, we just need our fair share.

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What we need and when

Wyndham needs six new primary schools and two new secondary schools by 2023.

How your suburb compares

How schools numbers in our growth areas compare to the rest of Melbourne.

Well-planned local schools

We need well-planned, properly-designed schools that serve as a focal point for local communities.

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What you can do to help

Find out about practical things you can do to help get Wyndham the schools we need.

Wyndham has a shortage of schools, and we also need construction projects to stimulate our local economy. 

We are asking the Victorian Government to start building three new schools in Wyndham in 2021:

  1. Truganina North Secondary College in Truganina
  2. Holyoake Parade Primary School in Manor Lakes
  3. Riverdale East Primary School in Tarneit

These three schools are urgently needed to meet demand in fast growing new suburbs.

Land has been allocated for these schools and fast-tracking the construction will create jobs in the west.

The locations of proposed schools can be found on the map below. Potential locations and interim names for these schools are included as shown in state government plans for new developments.

Sites for new schools

In some areas where a school is required the land has not yet been allocated. We are asking the Victorian Government to conduct a study to find land suitable for two new schools:

  1. a primary school in Williams Landing
  2. a P-9 school in Point Cook

Schools are needed to meet demand in these suburbs but there are no planned locations available to build on.

What's in the pipeline

The Victorian Government is funding new schools and upgrades to existing schools across Melbourne.

The new schools being planned and built across Wyndham are:

Opening in 2021:

  • Garrang Wilam Primary School in Truganina (interim name was Truganina South East Primary School)
  • Riverbend Primary School in Wyndham Vale (interim name was Wollahra Primary School)

Opening in 2022:

  • Stage 2 of Saltwater P-9 College (Point Cook)
  • Stage 2 of Dohertys Creek P-9 College (Truganina)

Many existing schools are seeking upgrades to provide for more students and improve facilities. In the 2019-2020 Victorian budget Warringa Park School and The Grange P-12 received funding for upgrades.

Find out more about Wyndham’s primary and secondary education needs by checking out the education section of Securing Wyndham’s Future.

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Check out the below graphs to find out how school access in Wyndham compares with the rest of Melbourne.

On average, children in Wyndham’s growth areas have half the number of primary schools compared to Greater Melbourne. And we're home to some of the most overcrowded schools in Victoria.

We're also about to experience an explosion in the number of children who are secondary school age.

Graph of Primary Schools in Wyndham suburbs vs Greater Melbourne
Graph of Wyndham Secondary Schools vs Greater Melbourne

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Local schools are essential pieces of community infrastructure that encourage healthy families and close-knit communities.

An estimated 150,000 kids will attend school in Wyndham over the coming 20 years. Their long-term wellbeing depends on us getting this right.

Local schools help communities grow

Our schools serve our communities even better when they’re integrated with community infrastructure – like childcare centres, sporting facilities and health services.

When this happens, schools become a vibrant focal point for local families. They help ease the transition from early childhood to prep, and co-located services provide convenient access for busy parents.

But for this to happen, schools need to be co-planned with local governments like Wyndham City.

We want the Victorian Government to let us help them create amazing schools that are ready to go when our burgeoning community needs them.

What’s more, the Victorian Auditor General agrees. VAGO recommended that the Victorian Government works more closely with local governments when it comes to planning and designing education infrastructure. 

Wyndham City supports this and stands ready to make it happen.

Locals schools promote active lifestyles and healthy families

When the nearest school isn’t within a short walk or ride, many children end up spending more time than necessary commuting.

On congested roads in Wyndham’s growth areas, car trips that should take 15 minutes can end up taking twice or even three times as long.

Long commutes eat into family and leisure time and create unnecessary time pressures for busy parents with work commitments. Walking or riding to school also has significant health benefits.

Australian children are among the most chauffeured in the world, according to the Heart Foundation.[i] The number of children who walk or ride to school has dropped by more than 40% since 1971. In Melbourne, an estimated 74% of children are driven to school.

Meanwhile, many children are not getting the recommended amount of daily exercise. Research shows that incidental exercise – like riding or walking to school – is a key to fixing this.

Wyndham’s families need more local schools within a short walk or ride of their homes.


[i] (accessed 20/05/2018)

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You can make a difference for our future. Together, we can secure more and better-planned schools for Wyndham.

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